Alice Infinity

Alice as Homura Akemi

Alice is a Cosplayer, Host, Gamer, Artist and an Internationally Published
Cosplay Model based out of Georgia. Alice began attending conventions in
2011 and began cosplay modeling in 2012. By 2013 she was an award
winning cosplayer and cosplay model. She has been published in gaming
and cosplay magazines. She is also the founder of “Legends of Wonderland”
cosplay group.

Even though, she has struggled with having Asperger Syndrome (Autism
Spectrum), Alice instantly fell in love with the convention community and
knew this was where she belonged. Within a year, she was making her own
cosplay costumes and modeling for photographers.

Alice enjoys making people smile with her cosplay costumes and meeting
new people. Also she is always sharing her love of cosplaying and learning
from her fellow cosplayers. As she grows as a cosplayer and model, Alice
hopes to inspire others to never give up and always follow their dreams.

She has been a regular at Tiger Con since year one, and has since joined the Tiger Con staff!   We’re lucky to have her cosplay expertise when planning our event!
Facebook: AliceInfinity4Cosplay
Instagram: AliceInfinityCosplay