Nathan Massengill

Nathan Massengill is a comic book artist, especially known for his work on the first Deadpool ongoing series with writer Joe Kelly. Nathan’s comic and graphic novel credits include millions of books-in-print (including several NY Times graphic novel best-sellers) mostly from *Marvel* and *DC* comics.He has collaborated with many notable creators, including writer/director/producers *Joss Whedon, Christopher Nolan,* and *Jeph Loeb.* His comics collaborators also include *Stan Lee, Jim Shooter, Geoff Johns, Joe Kelly, Ed McGuinness,* and *Alex Ross*. He has won both the *Eisner* and the *Harvey* awards. Nathan has an art studio and storefront in the *Lowe Mill Arts Center* in Huntsville, AL. Currently, Nathan’s primary work comes from adapting and producing graphic novels from the novels, screenplays, and concepts of independent writers.