Outdoor Vending

Tiger Con has expanded our Dealer’s Den and Artist Alley to include outdoor booths and tables!  Tiger Con takes place in two hotels which share a parking lot.  We will be setting up two rows of dealer and artist booths for our attendees to peruse as they walk between the two buildings.  We have lots of options available.

Dealer Booth:  A 10’x10′ space with two 8′ tables and two chairs under a canopy.  Includes 2 exhibitor badges.  (9 Available) $55 Saturday, $35 Sunday, or $80 for the weekend.

Artist Alley: Each artist alley table will share a 10’x10′ canopy with one other artist (two artists per canopy).  Each artist will be provided with one 8′ table and one chair. Includes one exhibitor badge. (8 Available) $30 Saturday, $20 Sunday, or $40 for the weekend.



Want to save even more money?  Lots of vendors already have their own setup for outdoor events.  If that’s you, take 25% off these prices if you provide your own canopy, table and chairs!

Why are we selling these by the day?  Because its outdoors.  We don’t have any way to secure them overnight, so everyone will probably take down their merchandise for the night.  And since you have to set up fresh again on Sunday, why not give people the option to pick just a single day?  We think it sounds like a great way for someone to get into the show on a shoestring budget!

Prices subject to change, take advantage of these early bird specials while they last!

Tiger Con is not responsible for damage to property or merchandise caused by inclement weather or acts of God.

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