Synth Reality


We are Synthesized Reality Productions (SRP), America’s oldest fan-based non-profit live holographic show team. We have started a new group to make sure the fans all over the world will be able to get a VOCALOID show. We, as a team, are here to bring you the best show possible, all over the world! After the leave of Tempo, Wolf Neve set out to find a group wanting to focus on live shows VOCALOID shows. We have one goal: to keep the bar set high and deliver the world of VOCALOID to everyone!


Current Members.
Sushie- Projection and online rep.
Wolf Neve – Stage design and TD live, owner.
Johan – Co-owner
Treefin- Voice of Yume, Promo Artist
Ming – Stage Hand/Lighting Tech
Logan – Stage Hand/Video Engineer
MMD International – Animator