Vocaloid Concert

The Tiger Con Vocaloid Concert presented by Vocamerica will be a live, projected holographic concert featuring Vocamerica’s lineup of western vocaloids!  Click the image above to see one of Vocamerica’s concerts.  Only 300 attendees will fit in the concert hall.  You can line up with everyone else and take your chances, but if you want to rest assured that you will get in, there are two ways to guarantee entry!  First, all of our VIP ticket holders will have head of line privileges, so they will get in for sure.  Second, you can purchase a concert reservation for just $5.  This concert reservation grants the same head of line privilege as the VIP pass (only for the concert, not for the panels, etc.).  So no waiting in line for you, just walk up to the head of the line and flash your VIP pass or Concert Reservation and bypass all that waiting, like a boss!

Only 100 concert reservations and 40 VIP passes will be offered.  Get them while they last, or take your chances in line with everyone else!

Note: VIP Passes include head of line privileges for ALL Tiger Con events, 30 minute early access to the dealer room, a Tiger Con Challenge Coin, and dinner with the Guests of Honor at Austin’s Steak House!