Vocaloid Concert

The Tiger Con Vocaloid Concert presented by Empathy Studios will be a live, projected holographic concert featuring a wide variety of vocaloids and UTAUs including our own mascot Tora!    Click the concert image to see one of Empathy Studio’s concerts.

This year there will be two vocaloid concerts!  One on Saturday and another on Sunday!  Both concerts will be in the VSU Student Union Theater.  The Saturday concert will feature Hatsune Miku among others and will also be open to the public!  That means you don’t need a ticket to Tiger Con to attend to the concert.  The Sunday concert is for Tiger Con attendees only and will focus on western vocaloids such as Oliver, Daina, and Dex.  Tora will perform alongside the vocaloids in both concerts.

We will not sell dedicated tickets for these concerts.  You must line up and entry will be first come, first served.  There are approximately 400 seats in the theater.

Note: VIP Passes include head of line privileges for ALL Tiger Con events (including the concerts!), plus 30 minute early access to the dealer room, and other amazing benefits!