Vocaloid Concert


VOCAMERICA presents the Tiger Con Vocaloid Concert!  Saturday evening, the Tiger Con main event stage will feature a certified Fan-Produced VOCALOID concert event featuring Western VOCALOIDS and Vocal Synths rendered live on stage.  Seating for the concert will be limited, but once we have exact numbers we will offer a limited number of reservations.  Anyone with a Saturday or Weekend pass may line up for the concert, but only about 200 will get in.  Of course, anyone with a VIP Pass will get head of line privileges!

Here’s a full list of VOCAMERICA’s Vocaloids!

And here’s an example of their vocaloids at work! 

Nothing like this has ever happened in Valdosta before.  Especially with social distancing, only a limited number of Tiger Con Attendees will get into the concert.  Don’t line up like every one else and take a chance that the concert hall fills up before you get in.  Get a Concert Reservation and be guaranteed to get in! (Tiger Con Weekend Pass or Saturnday Only Pass required.  The Concert Reservation only grants head of line privileges for the concert)