VOCAMERICA is a certified Fan-Produced VOCALOID concert event featuring Western VOCALOIDS and Vocal Synths. The project is the creation of Virginia-based VOCALOID producer EmpathP. The goal of VOCAMERICA is to educate and entertain fans of this ever-growing musical phenomenon with emphasis on the more uncommon Western VOCALOIDs. This is achieved through providing live holographic concerts, lectures, and workshops to conventions and expos all over the world.


VOCALOID is a synthetic vocal software developed and licensed by Yamaha. The principle of the software is to allow users to create synthetic vocals to be used in any and all types of music. Since its creation VOCALOID has gone through 5 generations. There are also a vast number of VOCALOID products available that are only involved in the subculture of VOCALOID directly linked to the various “Mascots” belonging to the software voices. VOCAMERICA’s live concerts feature the mascots for a number of the Western-produced VOCALOID voicebanks.


DAINA : DAINA is a female VOCALOID and counterpart to DEX. Produced and developed by Zero-G, her voice is charcterized by its youthful yet husky quality.

Product page: https://zero-g.co.uk/products/daina-voice-library-for-vocaloid4-pc-windows-version

DEX : DEX is a male VOCALOID and counterpart to DAINA. Also developed by Zero-G, he has a powerful voice with a wide vocal range.

Product page: https://zero-g.co.uk/products/dex-voice-library-for-vocaloid4-pc-windows-version

RUBY : RUBY is a female VOCALOID developed and produced by PowerFX. Her cute, energetic voice has made her a fan favorite.

Product page: http://powerfx.com/products/989261422

MAIKA : MAIKA is a female VOCALOID developed and produced by VoctroLabs. Her multilingual capabilities make her a beloved vocalist for producers.

Product page: http://www.voctro-vocaloid.com/en/maika

AVANNA : AVANNA is a female Celtic themed VOCALOID developed by Zero-G. Her sweet voice has made her popular amongst main stream and indie producers.

Product page: https://zero-g.co.uk/products/avanna-vocaloid-3

Oliver: Oliver is a young male VOCALOID developed by PowerFX and Vocatone. His sweet, gentle voice has made him a popular vocalist for many musicians.

Product page: https://powerfx.com/products/oliver

Aiko Kikyuune : Aiko is an UTAU voice bank produced by Studio VOXYZ. With a charming tomboyish voice, she’s VOCAMERICA’s ambassador for UTAU synths.

Product page: http://studiovoxyz.com/utau/series-x/kikyuunes/kikyuune-aiko/

Namida : Namida is the official Mascot of Empathy Studios. She has a soft, youthful voice which is capable of carrying a great deal of emotion.

Example of useage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brlcS0R78bU

Viki Hopper : Viki Hopper is a special UTAU ambassador for VOCAMERICA lent to us by Seiun Idols. She was introduced to VOCAMERICA via our kickstarter.

Product page: http://seiun.co/

We would like to give a special thanks to the following companies who it has been our pleasure to work with in featuring their VOCALOIDS with the Western World: Zero-G ltd., VoctroLabs, and PowerFX. Also a special thanks to our former member Shinji Deguchi whose mentoring, kindness, and friendship made this project possible.