Anime Music Video Contest

Do you like Anime Music Videos (AMVs)?  These are music videos created with scenes from various anime edited together by talented individuals who pour their heart and souls into their creations.

The AMV Contest will pit video editors against each other to compete for prizes in the following  categories:

Comedy / Upbeat
Drama / Romance / Character Profile
Trailer / Parody

The audience will vote on winners in each category, plus the Tiger Con Staff will select one “Judges Choice” award.  Come on out and cast your vote!

AMV Contest Rules

Submit a Video

Here are the winners from the Tiger Con 2023 AMV contest!

Action:  Sent to Destroy by Takanori Shindo

Drama:  War in My Pocket by ZeonicFreak

Dance/Fun:  Cobra Wave: The Ultimate Retrowave Adventure by ZeonicFreak

Comedy:  False Start by Skydean

Best In Show:  False Start by Skydean

18+:  Femboy Awesome by Samuel Reuben