Dealers and Artists

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Booth D-1:  This That and the Other Anime


Booth D-2:  Tiffany Grant


Booth D-3:  Kira Buckland

Booth D-4: Comic Book Guest – TBA


Booth D-5:  None Like Joshua


Booth D-6: Venomous Cosplay


Booth D-7: Vocamerica


Booth D-8:  Tortured Earth


Booth D-9: The Cool Place


Booth D-10: Mecha Monsters


Booth D-11 and D-12:  Weabooth



Booth D-13: Circus Corps


Booth D-14: Gray Ghost Comics


Booth D-15: Cosmix Shop


Booth D-16: SRS Vinyl & Graphics


Booth D-17: Vibranium Comics


Booth D-18: Artful Sunshine


Booth D-19 and D-20:  Oweda’s Treasures

Booth D-21: S. M. Dinostaur



Booth D-22: Crafty Weavers


Booth D-23: Infinite Vinyl


Booth D-24: The Crafted Dragon

Booth D-25: S. M. Dinostaur


Table A-1: Rhissin


Table A-2: PD Sean Studio


Table A-3: Hobby Gobby Designs


Scoper Monster

Table A-4: Scoper Monster


Table A-5 and A-6: Panda Prints


Table A-7: Meotsuki


Table A-8 and A-9: Crows Like Candy


Table A-10: Moonbug Dreams


Table A-11: Dragonic_Krafts


Table A-12: Pure Alchemy Soaps


Table A-13: Megan Kotke Art


Table A-14: Lone Wolf Accessories


Table A-15: Tanukimasu


Table A-16:  Voodoo Kandy


Table A-17: Rainbow Pixzells


Table A-18: A Radiant Collapse


Table A-19: Ruling Hand


Booth D-20: Dedaw 13



Table A-21: Projekt 35C


Table A-22: Fox Foot Crafts


Table A-23: Medium Mushroom


Table A-24: Hatter Pins