Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can children attend Tiger Con?

Of course!  Tiger Con is a family friendly event.  We will have some late night programming which may be 18+, but that will be held in closed panel rooms and clearly labeled as well as being after the young ones’ bed times!

Where can I stay for the convention?

We are working to arrange special group rates with local hotels.  Once we have the details finalized we’ll announce them here and on our various social media.

What hours will the convention be open?

We will publish a full schedule as soon as it’s finalized, but the convention hours will be:  10:00 AM until 11:oo PM Saturday and 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM Sunday.

How will parking work?

Convention attendees may use the parking garage across the road from the VSU Student Union as well as the parking lot directly behind the parking structure, so don’t worry, and we won’t charge extra just to park!

What places to eat are available in that area?

The VSU Student Union has a food court built in, so you don’t have to leave Tiger Con to get something to eat!

Can I request a refund on my ticket or vendor booth if I will not be able to attend Tiger Con?

Due to the size of the venue, we have capped the number of tickets being sold.  That means that when you buy a ticket, it may possibly prevent someone else from attending.  Because of this, we will only offer refunds for tickets or vendor spaces up to a month before the con.  Refunds will not be offered if we have less than 30 days to offer your spot up to someone else.