Tiger Maid Cafe Announcement!

Auditions for the Tiger Convention Maid Café will be held on Saturday, May 06th. Further information will be emailed/messaged to applicants, as well as a more in-depth application for judging consideration. If you are interested in volunteering for the Maid Café, please visit the Volunteer page.  Fill out the form entirely and you will be contacted with more information.


Only applications of those 18 years of age or older will be accepted. We are accepting applications for Maids and Butlers for front of house. We have no gender requirements for either position. You can apply for whichever you prefer, no matter your preference/lack of. We are also accepting applications for Back of House Positions. Responsibilities between Front of House and Back of House will vary, as well as uniform requirements. Please read below in its entirety.


Before applying as a Maid/Butler, take note that this is a physical position. There are weekly dance practices, sometimes biweekly, if needed. You do not have to dance, but those who choose to dance will be given preference over those who do not, to help make things fair for everyone working the café. Not all the dances will be elaborate and some dances will only have a few main dancers, with background dancers who will chant or wave props to hype the guests. You have to provide your own maid/butler outfit. Guidelines will be emailed out once selections are confirmed. You have to be willing to sit, talk with, play games with, and engage in ‘harmless’, (i.e., no touching, no flirting), fun activities with guests. If you are not the social sort, then working as a maid/butler is not a position for you. There are other positions in the Maid Café that you can work if you are not the social sort!


We will have a Back of House team that will be helping with food/drinks, who will wear black, self-provided ‘uniforms’. We will also have a few positions within the café that will give the chance to wear the maid/butler uniform that do not require extensive socialization with guests, but do require ‘putting on a show’ as part of the position, such as host/hostess. Everyone involved with the Maid Café will be responsible for attending meetings when applicable, practices where applicable, walk-throughs of the venue, other small events that the convention will host for advertising purposes, such as Cub Con, our mini-convention, and potential fundraising/public awareness events. Everyone in the Maid Café will assist with set-up, teardown, and cleaning. In exchange for volunteering as a Maid/Butler, you will receive free entry to Tiger Convention for the weekend. You can use Tiger Convention as a volunteer/job reference in the future. You will meet a lot of new people and you will make some lifelong friends. You will have the chance to create your own, unique character, cosplay them for the weekend, and have a great time doing it! Plus, there are going to be some really fun desserts! Check out the links below if you are interested in knowing more about Maid Café duties and aesthetic. Otherwise, head over to that Volunteer link!


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