Noise Complaint

Noise Complaint is a professional Tap Dance Theatre company!

Noise Complaint presents a unique performance show that combines choreographed tap dance with improv acting and elaborate costuming to bring the audience into a rhythmic storytelling experience. We put together full-length concerts of tap dances that are all woven together through storytelling by famed and infamous characters from all corners of pop culture. Each show we perform is a unique and exciting experience the audience will not soon forget!

There truly is no way to describe the experience of a Noise Complaint show, but the following adjectives may apply:​​

  Loud    |     Rhythmic     |     Exciting     |     Musical​     |     Nerdy​     |     Epic     |       Fun     |     ​Memorable​     |     Infectious     |     Strange (in a good way!)

…and most importantly:    TAP​!!

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