Art Contest

It’s time for the Tiger Con Mascot Art Contest! Would you like to see your art featured on Tiger Con banners, flyers, coins, and maybe even on the cover of our program guide? If you’re an aspiring artist looking to pad your resume, this could be a great opportunity!

For reference:

Tora is a flying tiger girl. She is in her early to mid to late 20s, but chibi designs are always welcome. She has blond hair, yellow eyes, wings, tiger striped ears and tail. She often wears tiger paw gloves.
Natsu: Natsu is a new mascot character who will make his first appearance this year. Natsu should be an anthropomorphic tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) or a human with tanuki ears, tail, etc.
Dee Dee: Dee Dee is a new mascot character who made her appearance at Tiger Con 2022. She is a dragon girl with a pair of horns, blue hair, blue wings and blue tail.
This year, we will have the following categories:
Coin Design: Must fit neatly into a circular frame.  Must feature Tora.
Full Body: Standing, dancing, walking, whatever. As long as it’s full body.
VIP Badge: This should feature Tora holding a blank flag. We will fill in the flag, just make it blank. Make the flag large enough that the design we put on it will show up on a lanyard badge.
Natsu:  Any pose.  Make sure Natsu has lots of attitude.
DeeDee:  Any pose.  Artist’s choice.
First place winner in each category will get a free weekend pass to Tiger Con. Winner of the coin design category will receive a free coin featuring your artwork. Email entries to By submitting art to this contest you grant Tiger Con the non-exclusive right (meaning you can still use your own art, but we can too) to use your art to promote the convention. Entries must be received by March 15th, 2024. The winners will be announced on Sunday, March 17th.

For additional reference, here are our winners from 2023!



Winner by Chrystal Furst (Voodoo Candy)!


Full Body:

Winner:  by Samm (Rhissin Art)



Holding a Flag:


Tie between Fox Gray

and Samm (Rhissin Anime)


Dee Dee:


Winner:  by PitohuiArt




Winner  by Softysstark