Dealers and Artists

Dealer’s Den and Artist Alley


Booths D-1 and D-10: Fanboy Glass
Etched glassware, Magic the Gathering singles/sealed product

Booth D-2: Inimitable Studios, LLC.
Kawaii merchandise, socks, bath bombs, keychains, squishies, etc.

Booth D-3:  Reserved (TBA)

Booth D-4: Closet Geek
Plushes, hats, bags, LED novelties.

Booth D-5 and D-6: Reserved (TBA)

Booth D-7: Lolita Dreamland
Dresses, anime, yaoi, Japanese imported merchandise.

Booth D-8: TomatoCreations
Japanese candies, collectibles, plushies, etc.

Booth D-9:  Alice Infinity Cosplay
Wigs, purses, jewelry, keychains, pillows, etc.



Table A-8: Maxina Storibrook
Young adult sci-fi fantasy novels, and merchandise.

Table A-7: Nexiepenguin
Prints, stickers, and buttons.

Table A-6: Cosplayer Nelli-Jeanne Lucus
Photos, prints, meet&greet.

Table A-5: Tlw Creations
Art prints and sketch cards.

Table A-4: Anjel Moore
Prints, Charms, Buttons, and Stickers

Table A-3: Cosplayer Haiden Hazard
Photos, prints, meet&greet.

Table A-2: Island Breeze Media
Comics, commissions, prints.

Table A-1: Frizzell Custom & Comic Art
Original prints, comics, commissions.

NOTE: All Deler’s Den booths are now filled, however we are still looking for more Artists for the Artist Alley.  Dealers may still apply and you will be placed on a waiting list, and if any current dealers cancel or are unable to pay for their booth, that booth will be awarded to those on the waiting list.

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