Dealers and Artists

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D-1:  Vocamerica


D-2:  Actress Tiffany Grant


D-3:  Comic Book Artist Steven Butler

D-4:  Alice Infinity

D-5:  Kuri Cosplays

Booth D-6: Galaxy Prime Comics

D-7: Available


Booth D-8 and D-9: The Weabooth.
Anime everything!  No online store, but you can request items by emailing:


D-10: Available

D-11:  Reserved


Booth D-12: SRS Vinyl & Graphics, LLC
Mugs, Decals, Keychains, Coasters.



Booth D-13: OppaiLand
R18+ Doujins, Tankoubons, Magazines.


D-14: Available


Booths D-15 and D-16:  Geeky Experience


D-17: Tiger Merch!

Get all your Tiger Con merch at booth D-17!  We have shirts, coins, buttons, mugs, stickers, and a plethora of other geeky stuff!


Booth D-18: Valva Kenedy.
Marvel t-shirts speakers virtual reality headsets headphones small speakers and backgammon games.


D-19:  Anime Dragons
Toys, collectible, plushies, games, cosplay props!


D-20: Available

D-21: Available



Booth D-22: International Candy Company
Japanese candy, snacks and treats.



Booth D-23: Panda Prints
T-shirts and Apparels.


D-24:  Available

D-25:  Available


Table A-1:  Presley Dreams Studios
Prints, stickers, and small trinkets.


Table A-2: Bat’s Teeth Art
Prints, Buttons, Charms, and Stickers



Table A-3: Key of Alice Spade Queen.
Lolita, j-fashion, and anime wear.



Table A-4: Lone Wolf Accessories
Resin Ita Bag centerpieces, small hand sewn bags, laminated pixel art Chibi badgesand buttons.



Table A-5: Moonbug Dreams
Resin jewelry, accessories, and dreamcatchers.


Table A-6: August Melinez
Finger puppets key chains bows hooded towels.



Table A-7: TWL Creations
Sketch cards, buttons, keychains, and prints.



Tiger Con II

Table A-8: Fair Lady Gallery
Art prints, soap, originals, buttons, and commissions.



Table A-9: The Neon Geisha
Resin, acrylic, and multimedia art.



Table A-10:  Mad Hatter Kyoko
Enamel pins, anime posters, and commissions.



Table A-11: Pure Alchemy Soaps

I create handmade soaps with RPG themed scents. Attendees can ‘Create a Character’ by choosing soaps that are inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy role playing games. They pick a race, a class, and an alignment. Then each set is personalized with the character’s name written in calligraphy. I also make molded d20 soaps, liquid soaps/shower gels, and hand sanitizers packaged in apothecary potion bottles inspired by health, mana, and other potions typically available in role playing games.



Table A-12: MeoTsuki
Anime and cartoon buttons, we have over 140+ different button designs. We also sell key-chains, stickers, sweatshirts, shirts and anime prints.



Table A-13:  Tanukimasu
Buttons, phone holders, microfiber cleaning cloths, lanyards, prints, on the spot commissions, acrylic key chains.


Table A-14:  Crows Like Candy
Sewn accessories, jewelry, ears, tails, buttons and more!


Table A-15:  Mickyen Art
Prints, buttons, charms and stickers!


Scoper Monster

Table A-16: Scoper Monster


Table A-17: Dedkittystudios
Zines, prints, and stickers.



Table A-18:  Lovers Over Losers
Custom painted Denim Jackets, shirts, decals, canvases.



Table A-19: Fox Foot Crafts
Original art pieces, art prints, stickers, sketch cards, and comic book cover art.





Table A-21:  Conpacks Studios Presents Ruby Art
Limited edition metal prints inspired by the worlds of anime, gaming and pop culture.



a radiant collapse chapter one cover

Table A-22:  A Radiant Collapse
My original comic, A Radiant Collapse, as well as handmade sketchbooks featuring original artwork, art prints, stickers and bookmarks.




Table A-23: Megan Kotke Art
Prints and buttons.



artist alley table 4

Table A-24:  Apollo’s Legacy
Art Prints/ Original Canvas Work, Keychains, Buttons, Bookmarks, Stickers.