Dealers and Artists



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Guest Tables:

Table G-8:  TBA


Table G-7: Tiffany Grant

Table G-6: TBA

Table G-5: TBA

Table G-4: TBA

Table G-3: TBA

Table G-2: TBA


Table G-1: Empathy Studios (Empath P)



Booth D-1 and D-2: Fandom Laser

Booth D-3:  Available

Booth D-4: Available

Booth D-5: Available

Booth D-6: Available

Booth D-7: Available

Booth D-8: Available

Booth D-9: Available


Booth D-10: Kawaii Kandy

Booth D-11: Available

Booth D-12: Available

Booth D-13: Available


Booth D-14 and D-15:  Animix Avenue

Booth D-15: Available


Booth D-16: Ziya Illustration

Booth D-17: Available

Booth D-18: Available

Booth D-19: Available


Table A-1: 501st Legion


Table A-2: Astrological

Table A-3: Available


Table A-4: Flower Flame


Table A-5: PDaddyJ

Table A-6: Available


Table A-7: Panda Cat Publishing

Table A-8: Available

Table A-9: Available

Table A-10: Available

Table A-X: Available


Table A-11: Hobby Gobby Designs


Table A-12 and A-13:  Crows Like Candy


Table A-14: Moonbug Dreams


Table A-15: Turtly Cool Creations

Table A-16: Available

Table A-17: Available