Dealers and Artists



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Guest Tables:

Table G-8:  TBA


Table G-7: Tiffany Grant


Table G-6: Ellyn Stern


Table G-5: Richard Epcar


Table G-4: Aki Glancy (EmpathP) of Empathy Studios


Table G-3: Kuri Cosplays


Table G-2: PeachyTsundere


Table G-1:  None Like Joshua



Booth D-1: Next Dimension Goods


Booth D-2: Murcles Art


Booth D-3: Trench Coat Merchant


Booth D-4: This That and the Other Anime


Booth D-5: Vibranium Comics


Booth D-6: Crafty Weavers and Kawaii Candy


Booth D-7: The Nerd Out


Booth D-8: Trash Panda


Booth D-9 and D-10:  Gulf Coast Collectibles


Booth D-11: International Candy Company


Booth D-12: Gray Ghost Comics


Booth D-13: TK Legos


Booth D-14 and D-15: Dinostaur


Booth D-16: Infinite Vinyl


Table A-1: 501st Legion


Table A-2: Witch Crafts


Table A-3: The Sewing Goblin


Table A-4: Fox Foot Crafts


Table A-5: Key to the Kingdom of Alice:  Spade Queen


Table A-6: Ruling Hand


Table A-7: Errant Mush


Table A-8: Megan Kotke Art


Table A-9: VoodooKandy


Table A-10: Hatter Pins


Table A-X: Kawaii Kessho


Table A-11: Fair Lady Gallery


Table A-12: Crows Like Candy


Table A-13: Meotsuki


Table A-14: Lone Wolf Accessories


Table A-15: Hobby Gobby Designs