Dealers and Artists

Indoor Vending:


Indoor Artist Alley and Dealer’s Den


Booths D-1 and D-10: TBA

Booth D-2: Available

Booth D-3:  Three Waters Atelier
Clothing and accessories

Booth D-4: Available

Booth D-5: Available

Booth D-6: Available

Booth D-7: Available

Booth D-8: Available

Booth D-9:  Available

Booth D-11: Available


Table A-9:  Brother Ming Games
Hand-Made Anime Boradgames

Table A-8: Available

Table A-7: Razzlemydazzlestudio
False nails, makeup, bath salt, makeup bags, jewelry, contact lens cases.

Table A-6: Melty Uchuu
Keychains, Prints, and assorted pins of both original and fan works.

Table A-5: TBA

Table A-4: Nautica Williams
Art prints, stickers, buttons, and pins

Table A-3: Alice Infinity and Kiro Maru Kosplay

Table A-2: Available

Table A-1: Available

Outdoor Vending:

Outdoor Vending

Outdoor Vending Area


Booth OD-1: Available

Booth OD-2: Available

Booth OD-3: Available

Booth OD-4: Available

Booth OD-5: Avaialble

Booth OD-5: Available

Booth OD-6: Available

Booth OD-7: Available

Booth OD-8: Available

Booth OD-9: Available


Table OA-1: Available

Table OA-2: Available

Table OA-3: Available

Table OA-4: Available

Table OA-5: Available

Table OA-6: Available

Table OA-7: Available

Table OA-8: Available