Dealer and Artist Policies

DESCRIPTION OF TIGER CON: Tiger Con is a two-day, multigenre convention event, spanning a wide variety of interests and hobbies. These include anime, comic books, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, trading card games, and many, many more! Tiger Con is run by the Moody Comics and Anime Club with help from the Anime & Manga Club @ VSU.  The purpose of Tiger Con is to improve the Morale and Welfare of the Airmen of Moody Air Force Base and forge stronger bonds with the surrounding community.  Tiger Con will be held at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Valdosta, Georgia, and will take place on April 13-14, 2019.

ARTIST OR DEALER:  In order to qualify for an artist alley table you must be selling items made by you or be an authorized agent acting for the creator of the items.  If you are selling retail items, i.e. mass produced items which you purchased for the purpose of reselling the items for profit, then you must do business from a dealer booth.  If you are acting as an authorized agent for an artist who is not present at the convention, then you must have written authorization from the specific artist to sell the items at Tiger Con.

The Dealer’s Den will be locked after closing on Saturday night and no attendees will be allowed in until opening on Sunday.  The Artist Alley is in the pre-function area (hallway) outside the Dealer’s Den.  This area will be blocked off to prevent access after hours, and hotel staff will monitor the area to prevent unauthorized access, however it is impossible to lock the Artist Alley.  It is recommended that highly valuable or easily pilferable items not be left overnight in the Artist Alley.  Tiger Con is not responsible for lost or stolen items left unattended in the Artist Alley.

TIGER CON RULES AND REGULATIONS: We ask that all dealers and artists comply with Tiger Con appointed staff as well as the staff and security of the Holiday Inn Conference Center (henceforth referred to as the HICC). We also ask that all vendors and artists here at Tiger Con treat fellow vendors, artists, and attendees with respect. If any problem should arise with another vendor or artist, please speak to a Tiger Con staff member immediately. We understand that issues can arise with scheduling, space, and fellow humans during a large event. Both Tiger Con’s and the HICC’s staff will be available to assist you in every way we can so that this event may run smoothly and pleasantly for everyone involved. If any issues or questions arise before the convention, do not hesitate to contact us at We’re here to help you!

VENUE RULES AND REGULATIONS: · Any damages caused to HICC surfaces by adhesives, tacks, or other hanging materials will be charged to the responsible parties, and posted materials will be removed immediately. This includes anything attached to vendors’ tables. Please also refrain from otherwise defacing HICC property. · Sealed, packaged, non-perishable food items may be sold by vendors at Tiger Con, such as Japanese candies, sodas, or snacks. · Adult-themed material is permitted to be sold at Tiger Con. All adult themed material must be covered and marked as such at the vendor’s table, and we ask that it is only displayed or sold to customers over the age of 18. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ID all customers purchasing adult-themed materials. · Smoking, as well as the use of any heat-producing devices such as lighters, hot plates, heat guns, or open flames, is prohibited inside the vendor’s hall and the convention space as a whole. · Vendors and artists are responsible for obtaining all licenses and remitting their own taxes. Tiger Con is not responsible for how you conduct your business.


Indoor Artist Alley and Dealer’s Den

Outdoor Diagram

Outdoor Dealers and Artists

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Pricing and availability are as follows:


Artists will be supplied with one weekend pass and one table: $45 (9 available) · Dealers will be provided with up to two weekend passes and a 10×8 Booth: $125.00 (11 Available) · Vendor Booth D-2 is approximately 10×25: $125.  Booth D-2 is twice as large as a standard booth but has two permanent pillars and will also have two temporary pipe and drape walls (see diagram) which may interfere with your layout or limit visibility.   · In the provided diagram, booths with an “A” are strictly for Artist Alley and booths with a D are for dealers.


Tiger Con has expanded our Dealer’s Den and Artist Alley to include outdoor booths and tables!  Tiger Con takes place in two hotels which share a parking lot.  We will be setting up two rows of dealer and artist booths for our attendees to peruse as they walk between the two buildings.  We have lots of options available.

Dealer Booth:  A 10’x10′ space with two 8′ tables and two chairs under a canopy.  Includes 2 exhibitor badges.  (9 Available) $55 Saturday, $35 Sunday, or $80 for the weekend.

Artist Alley: Each artist alley table will share a 10’x10′ canopy with one other artist (two artists per canopy).  Each artist will be provided with one 8′ table and one chair. Includes one exhibitor badge. (8 Available) $30 Saturday, $20 Sunday, or $40 for the weekend.

Want to save even more money?  Lots of vendors already have their own setup for outdoor events.  If that’s you, take 25% off these prices if you provide your own canopy, table and chairs!

Payment must be made via TicketLeap and processing fees will be added. · Prospective vendors must fill out the online form at  If approved, you will be contacted and given the hyperlink to the TicketLeap site for registration and payment · Payment must be made within 15 days of approval.  Booths not paid for within the allotted time may be offered up to other vendors. · We ask that all vendors and artists ensure that their displays and products remain within the boundaries of their own booth, and do not interfere with their neighbor’s displays. Setup begins at 12 PM Friday April 12th and must be complete by 6 PM. Dealers and Artists will be allowed back in to complete last minute setup at 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 13th.  The Dealer’s Room opens to VIP ticket holders at 9 AM and to general attendees at 10AM.  Any vendor who has not arrived to set up by 1 PM the Saturday of the event, and has not given prior notice to Tiger Con, forfeits their space. In the event that all vendor’s booths are filled, a waiting list will be formed. Forfeit booths not paid for by the cutoff date or at the event may be filled in from the waiting list at a rate to be determined.

SPACE DESCRIPTION AND ROOM SETUP: · The Tiger Con Dealers’ Den will be located inside the HICC, in the Magnolia Ballroom.  The artist alley will be in the Pre-Function area aka the Grand Hall. All material must be sold within this area. Any vendor or artist found selling any merchandise outside of this area may be asked to leave the convention space by Tiger Con staff. Tiger Con and the HICC are not accountable for any items left unattended at your table, either merchandise or of a personal nature, so please prepare to be adequately staffed. Two chairs, two tables, and two vendor badges will be provided for each vendor booth. Vendors who wish to have more tables, chairs, and badges will need to bring their own and pay for additional persons. Assistant badges are available at a significantly discounted price· Wifi is complementary- please supply your own hookups. · Tiger Con will not be supplying all vendors or artists with electricity. Please specify in your application if you require electricity at your booth. Some booths may be next to electrical outlets, but most will not.  If you require electricity please inform us and we will do our best to place you next to an outlet, but these will be on a first come first served basis. · Phone lines for credit card readers are not guaranteed, so please be prepared for this possibility. · All booths and artist alley tables will be set up ahead of time by Tiger Con and the HICC staff, and we ask that they not be moved without approval, in order to easily comply with fire codes. · Vendors are permitted to set up their displays within the confines of their space however they see fit, so long as it does not conflict with the rules of Tiger Con or the HICC. Vendors should be prepared and able to load and unload their own displays. Although staff may be available to assist if needed, we cannot help everyone at once, so we ask that you not rely on us solely during setup. · Tiger Con and the HICC are not liable for any injuries or damages to property that may take place during the loading and unloading of vendor exhibits under any circumstances.

HOURS OF OPERATION/SET UP AND TAKE DOWN: Hours of operation for the Dealers’ Den are as follows: Saturday:  9AM – 10AM: open to VIP only  10AM – 7PM: open to all attendees. Sunday: 9AM – 10AM: open to VIP only 10AM -5PM: open to all attendees. · Only staff, security, and special guests will be admitted into the Dealers’ Den and Artist Alley outside of these designated hours. Although vendors are not required to be behind their tables at all times, Tiger Con and the HICC cannot be held accountable for any lost or stolen items. · During the hours of operation of the Dealers’ Den, Tiger Con and the HICC’s security will do everything within our power to prevent theft or tampering with vendors’ merchandise and possessions. However, neither party can be held accountable for any theft that may occur. Any suspicious activity or suspected theft should be reported to the nearest staff member or security member immediately. · Setup is between 12 PM and 6 PM on Friday and 8 AM to 9AM on Saturday.  Takedown begins promptly after the closing of the Dealers’ Den on Sunday. Dealers may not begin packing before 4:00PM on Sunday. Dealers are one of the bigger attractions at Tiger Con, and an empty dealer room puts a bad light on the event.  You may be selling plushies or prints, but we are selling access to you.  If you leave early without prior approval, it is the same as someone taking an item off your table without asking.

Regarding Outdoor Vendors, Tiger Con is not responsible for damage to property or merchandise caused by inclement weather or acts of God.

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any further concerns, questions, comments, or clarifications, please feel free to contact us at Please be patient with us as we do our best to assist you! You can also check our website for further information, at or our facebook page at