Fan Art!

Tiger Con needs your help!  We need a pool of art that we can draw on for social media posts and other promotions.

Are you an artist?  Would you like to support Tiger Con?  Do you want to share your talents with the Tiger Con community?  Well we have an opportunity for you!

Here you can submit your Tiger Con and Cub Con related art.  We’ll post it here on our website and give you full credit.  And next time we need to make an Instagram post, we can use actual Tiger Con art instead of generic clip art!

If we select a work of art for use in a promotion, we’ll award the artist with an official Tiger Con challenge coin!

You can submit any Tiger Con related art, but the most helpful would be our mascots Tora, Natsu, and DeeDee doing convention related activities, such as shopping in the dealer room, participating in the costume contest, eating at the food trucks, serving in the maid cafe, hosting a panel, etc.


Maid Tora by Fox Foot Crafts

Tiger Con Mascot by Fox Foot Crafts

Tora Maid by Fox Foot Crafts

Artist Tora by Fox Foot Crafts