Support Tiger Con and get some great souvenirs!  Coins and Buttons are now on sale.  100% of the money raised from the sale of these items goes to pay for convention expenses.  It costs a lot to pay for the convention space and bring in our guests, so your help is greatly appreciated!  The links below will take you to Ebay or Etsy where the items are available.

New 2019 designs are available!

The Tiger Con II coins are available now!  Just like last year, all proceeds go to pay for the con, and if you show your coin to your server at the Maid Cafe, you get a free dessert off the secret menu!  VIP ticket holders also get one of these coins in their goody bag when they pick up their badge!  These coins are $10 each, and are made of gold plated brass!  Note:  only the current year’s coin will get you the special dessert at the maid cafe!

Available at

The Tiger Con 2019 Chibi Tora Buttons are now available!  Wear one of these adorable pin-back buttons featuring our mascot is a great way to support Tiger Con!  They are one inch in diameter and cost $1.50.



Available at:

Get the originals while they last!

 2018 Tiger Coins!  We still have a few of last year’s coin.  These are military style challenge coins with our mascot Tora on one side and the Tiger Con Logo on the other!  They are 1.75 inches in diameter (quarter shown for scale) and made of gold plated brass.  2018 Coins are $8 each.

Tiger Coins available from:



Tiger Con Buttons!  We still have some of last year’s buttons available.  Get them while they last.  The 2019 design will feature an older, more grown up version of our mascot.  Don’t miss your last chance to get a 1st year button.  Pin these to your backpack or other convention-going apparel to spread the word for Tiger Con!

The 2018 Tiger Con Tora mini-button is one inch in diameter and costs $1.50.


Available from:


The 2018 Tora Chibi button features an adorable chibi version of our mascot.  The button is one inch in diameter.

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